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We strive to do the highest quality conversion possible- reliability and ease of service and repair in the future is very important, and we prioritize vans that we have done engine conversions on for service (oil changes, etc.) This means cutting no corners- with our conversions you will find that we use the highest quality components possible for the job, and have completed 100+ conversions to date. The subaru engines we primarily use are the second and third generation EJ25 SOHC 2.5 liter engines, we can also put together a 2.2 liter California smog legal setup as well. 2.5 L engine are not legal in California, although a hybrid 2.5/2.2 engine is possible, please email for more info on this engine.

The 1999.5 and newer EJ25 2.5L engines are the most popular, as they have a very nice flat torque curve, most of it available from 2k RPM to 5Krpm, which is well suited to the vanagon. We can install the EZ30 H6 engines and 2.0/2.5 turbo engines as well, please email for further information on these conversions.